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    Is FODMAPS intolerance a permanent situation?

    Have been on FODMAPS diet since August 2013, wanting to know if this is a permanent intolerance, or if I can return to a full range of foods over time?
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    Claire Ward

    Dietitian, Nutritionist

    Hello I'm Claire Ward, Accredited Practising Dietitian and owner of Allied Nutrition. We offer in-home nutrition consults on a wide range of nutrition-related issues, and … View Profile

    The low-FODMAP diet is intended to be a process of exclusion of all FODMAPs then gradual reintroduction of certain FODMAP containing foods to discover which ones give you the symptoms. Often people can tolerate more of particular FODMAPs than others and it is important to know specifically which FODMAPs you need to avoid or limit so as not to unnecessarily exclude foods from your diet. If you have been following a low-FODMAP diet but not yet begun reintroducing foods back in, I would recommend seeing a dietitian who can help you with the trial process.

    If you have already gone through the trial process and already discovered which FODMAPs specifically you need to avoid or limit then it is likely you will need to continue this for life. I have had clients who have followed their specific low-FODMAP diet and over time been able to reintroduce more foods after their initial trial, but this is highly individualised. My advice to you is continually trial foods to see if your body is able to tolerate them or not. If you continue to get symptoms with certain foods then you know to continue to exclude or limit them in your diet. 

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