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    Why am I suffering with anal pain?

    I am 23 and have been suffering pain in my rectum for 7 months. It began when I was travelling in Central America, the pain was the worst pain I have ever experienced, it felt as I was passing knives when I went to the bathroom. (Prior to this, I had traveler’s diarrhoea, and attempted to have anal sex with my partner).

    I have been diagnosed everything under the sun. I have had a colonoscopy where the doctor told me it was a fissure, I have been told I have hemorrhoids, and just yesterday I was told I have a skin tag.

    The problem is the pain is coming from a tiny lump near the opening of my anus (similar to a skin tag), I have noticed red blood on the toilet paper and white liquid on my panties. The pain is not as bad lately but still gives me grief. I have been referred on to multiple doctors with each doctor performing different checks.

    I would love to know if anyone could recommend me a good doctor who will here the full story?
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    Dr Kenneth Wong

    Bariatric (Obesity) Surgeon, General Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon

    Dr Ken Wong is a very experienced specialist surgeon focussing on keyhole surgery techniques for gallstones, bowel cancer, hernia and weight loss surgery. He graduated … View Profile

    Anal pains are usually due to one or more of three causes.

    1. Anal fissure
    2. Thrombosed external haemorrhoid
    3. Anal abscess

    In the history that you give, it is almost certainly an anal fissure with some underlying haemorrhoids. 

    With anal fissures, it is a tear to the sensitive area of your anus. As stools pass through, this anal tear is disturbed and there is red blood.

    With most anal problems, be it haemorrhoids or fissures, I would recommend an initial trial of lots of water, high fiber and exercise.

    You need to get your stools soft and smooth and most of all, avoid straining. You have to keep your diet regular.

    When I see patients with anal pains, I often will perform an examination under anesthesia to confirm the diagnosis.

    If a fissure is confirmed, I generally will trial various forms of medications and if these do not succeed, proceed to surgery.

    However, the majority of anal fissures will be cured without surgery if lifestyle changes occur and the medications prescribed are used carefully.

    Ken Wong

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    HealthShare Member

    If its been going on for 7 months you must be exhausted.  This sounds very similar to my situation last year with a chronic recurring fissure which was excruciating.  Skin tags and haemmorhoids are common partners to fissures - just to add to your agony! 

    Try stool softeners and rectogesic by all means, but if it will not go away, before you consider going under the knife, try to find a specialist that will use a botox injection treatment.  After almost 12 months of unrelenting pain, I had the botox treatment and was pain free in 36 HOURS!!!  In this case, what do you have to lose, except your pain?

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    HealthShare Member

    Oh, and on the subject of stool softeners (speaking from experience….) if you are using something natural, like psyllium, beware of overdosing (even 1-2TBS per day can be too much!) as this will overstimulate your digestion/bowel and cause increased pain.  Also, similarly if you use Coloxyl, use only the green, not the red version, as the red again contains a ‘stimulant’ which will over activate your muscles and cause ongoing pain.

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