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    Can anyone recommend travel insurance for Crohn's disease sufferers?

    I have been refused insurance coverage for overseas travel and was wondering if you can recommend any companies who will cover Crohn's sufferers.
    Thanking you.
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    There is no one individual company that can be recommended or guaranteed to cover Crohn’s disease, however some companies will give cover for an extra premium based on individual assessment and taking into account various factors including details of the trip, the condition, treatments/medications and medical reports.   Generally it can be difficult to get cover if a person has been hospitalised in the previous 12-24 months or is on a waiting list for a medical procedure.  Contact Crohn’s & Colitis Australia on 1800 138 029 for further information on case examples and details of insurance companies to approach.

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    Kathy Howson

    HealthShare Member

    Unfortunately if refused once you will have to battle to get it - I did and succeeded. The things I have learnt
    * they don't like to insure people on immune suppressants - some just have a flat NO to immunesuppression and there are a few of these.
    *especially if going to America or Africa
    * agree with above about if hospitalised or surgery in last 2 years.

    How I have succeeded, and might be worth a try for you - I use a travel agent and will only book if I get the travel insurance. Travel agents are good at helping to get travel insurance and they tend to have ones they work with. Thankfully all my surgery was years ago and out of the range but I am on immunesuppressants - I do let them know it is for my IBD only and nothing else, that I have been on it for many years. I get a faecal calprotectin test done to show I have no active IBD ie I am in remission. When filling out the medical forms I fill out honestly but attach other sheets of information such as pathology results, letter from my GI that I am in remission and ok, and anything else I can think of.
    After I got refused the first time - I did all the above and sent off 10 pages to them - I got my travel insurance for Africa and India.
    Yes the problem is you pay more but it is better to be covered for IBD than not. Many of the companies no do their initial medical review online so give a few a try using a made up name till your ready to book - this way you can see if they will accept you. The one I have got it thru twice now - name starts with C - not sure if I can mention them here.

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