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    How much exercise is too much?

    I am a 48 year old female - 101 kg and over the past 4 months I have lost 11.5 kgs and 50 cm around my body.

    Exercise is WII Boxing 5 mornings a week for 45 minutes. I go to work (incidental steps 8000). Then either Curves Circuit for 30 minutes (4 days a week) or Zumba for 60 minutes (twice a week) and hill walking for 60 minutes. (once a week).

    Eating plan with curves - diary every thing I eat, drinking 2 litres of water - no alcohol, no sugar.

    Is my regime healthy?
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    Vangel Rizos

    HealthShare Member

    Sounds great.   Well done.   To keep to your daily routine,  and in case  you ever run out of time to go out to exercise.   start doing a routine at home of similar exercises, every 2nd day for 10 minutes or more.  Lots of core work.  

    for some one in the shape your in,  Its not how hard you workout, its how long you workout !

    and then continue for 4 months after you have reached your normal weight range,   to maintain your weight goal, and so you dont fall into the “yo yo” effect to prevent some of the weight coming back on. This is the key to sustainability. 

    after this period keep working out for ever,  to maintain your weight, 

    Vangel  -  I consult,  only obese and over weight

  • Michele Harte

    HealthShare Member

    WII Boxing is done at home in front of the television (in nightware) prior to having a shower in the morning.

    According to the dietitians in New Zealand I am obese - I need to be 62 kgs to be of normal range.  

    I plan 10 kg increments per 4 months which is achievable - when losing weight I usually average 700 grams per week…. 

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    Kirsty Woods

    Exercise Physiologist

    Hi I’m Kirsty Woods,I would like to use my experience, expertise and passion to help you reach your weight, energy and health goalsI have been … View Profile

    You'll know you're overdoing it if your workouts suddenly feel harder than usual, or you're losing ground despite the fact that you're working harder than ever. 

    The typical signs of overtraining (too much exercise) include:

    • Insomnia
    • Achiness or pain in the muscles and/or joints
    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Elevated morning pulse
    • Sudden inability to complete workouts
    • Feeling unmotivated and lacking energy
    • Increased susceptibility to colds, sore throats and other illnesses
    • Loss in appetite
    • Decrease in performance
    I do reccomend one light/rest day  per week (eg - just walking) to allow your body to recover and adapt. Sleep is also essential for the benefits of exercise to occur. 

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    Andrew Davey

    Registered Nurse

    I am a practising Registered Nurse and freelance health writer. I have contributed to many online and print magazines, and am currently supplying health and … View Profile

    Congratulations on your progress. The fact that you have put so much effort into researching a good exercise and diet routine, and maintaing it for four months is well worth commendation.

    It is important to listen to your body. Keeping a journal of your health is a great way for you to avoid overtraining. Record your overall energy levels, your daily food and calorie intake, and other important variables.

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