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    Why do I keep having bad dreams?

    Most nights I have disturbing/bad dreams.

    I don't always wake up thinking they actually happened but sometimes I do.

    I do suffer from anxiety/panic/depression. I did have a nervous breakdown in November 2011 and am still to this day recovering. It is a slow road.
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  • Ralph Graham


    Ralph Graham, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, helping those who are affected by:grief, loss, anxiety, phobias, panic attack.And those who have been traumatised by:crime, assault, sexual abuse and … View Profile

    After a traumatic event like the breakdown and perhaps the things that lead to it we sometimes carry forward pieces of that and on some level we are trying to protect ourselves from these things happening again. It doesn’t work as this kind of “protection” happens at a stimulus response level. “I burnt myself on a red car bonnet so now I feel anxious around red cars.” It doesn’t make any sense to us rationally but these things kick in when least expected and when least wanted. The sub conscious thinks it is doing its job.
    Lets not get too technical but this is the stuff of post traumatic stress. Just another label but you obviously want things to get better and the sooner you find someone capable of doing good work in the area the sooner you will begin to be free of these things. If you are not in the Sydney region, perhaps I can suggest someone if you want to contact me privately. Otherwise see what others have to say but I hope you get to see someone soon. You may feel like you have put up with this long enough. The dreams may or may not be the first thing to address. After assessment it would be up to you.  
    Go well.

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