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    Trouble with living at home. Is it worth seeing a psychologist?

    I've been quite stressed over stuck living with my family.. in short we don't get along and no one is willing to help it be better. I'm quite tired of it, so much rage and being picked on, verbal abuse. I'm old enough to move out, but I have no funds and I've been trying to find a job for awhile now but no luck. I've been denied government payments since my parents earn too much yet, they still complain of having no money.

    I'm also stressed over arguments that come from someone (non related) close to me, some just seem over reacting and silly. I believe this has (overall) probably led to some kind of moderate depression possibly. I have a feeling things could get better if I could move out of the house but I don't really have somewhere else to stay (That would end up working).

    I have trouble confiding in people and so I put it on myself to seem happy. So.. would it be worth seeing a psychologist over this? Sadly I don't have funds but how much do they tend to charge?
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    I am sorry to read that things are not easy for you at the moment.

    One option is to talk with your GP about this - s/he will be able to draw up a “Mental Health Care Plan” with you. That will entitle you to a number of Medicare-subsidised sessions with a psychologist (ie, if the psychologist bulk-bills they will be free, if not you would only be liable for the difference between the scheduled fee and the fee charged by the psychologist).

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    My local GP bulk bills, I'm still attached to my family's Medicare card though. I'll need to get my own still. I didn't know there are some psychologists that bulk bill, however I shouldn't be surprised either.

    Thank you for your post and the information.

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    Sorry to hear of your situation. It sounds really hard. Yes, it does sound like it would be a good idea to talk to a professional and a family therapist might also be helpful for your family.

    Alternatively it could be worth looking around in your local area to see what government support or community support is offered. Some councils offer cheap counselling based on what you can afford. Psychoogists charge anything from $120 per session but with a medicare rebate this would be less.

    Moving out of home in your situation is difficult but it does sound like you think this would make you feel better. It is very draining to live under such constant stress. No one needs to put up with being bullied or picked on and when you are able to stop this you may find other areas in your life also improve.

    All the best.

  • Anonymous

    The boys in my house wouldn't go to see anyone, even if it were for the whole family to go. They would deem it as a waste of time and not even consider going to see a family therapist. Those two are alike each other.

    If I don't do what my father wants he gets worse and he's also made threats of kicking me out of the house along with breaking my finger. He says this over things like using the microwave when he wants it and turning the taps off so they won't drip. So if he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it, get out basically. Followed by saying I'm dispensable and whatever else he wants to say. Then he doesn't understand why I don't like him though he acts like this (Every night basically).

    I go to my mother for some kind of help but it always ends in her doing nothing and walking off. This situation happens too frequently.

    I'm not really sure what I can do, the only conclusion I've been able to come to is move out… So I'm desperately hoping I'll get a job soon.

    Thank you for your post, I found it inteteresting.

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