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    What is quantum neurology?

    I have seen this mentioned in answers and don't know what it is.

    Is it formally trained and recognised?

    Might it help with lingering toe numbness and occasional sciatic pain years after discectomy of L4L5?
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    Dr Ben Schutte


    I am a vitalistic chiropractor. Vitalism as a concept, in part, means that the whole is much more than the some of the parts. The … View Profile

    Quantum Neurology is a technique system developed by George Gonzalez, a Chiropractor from California, USA. So there is formal training as there is for most tecniques with Chiropractic and there is internal accreditation. He has taught the technique is Sydney for a few years now. The web site ( lists those practitioners who have comleted courses. So your numbness and sciatica will be addressed with QN protocols.

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    My research interests include immunology and the mechanisms of amyloid formation. The latter has implications for people who are dealing with Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease … View Profile

    I can't comment on your physical health issues beyond suggesting that you consult an evidence-based health professional about them.

    Writing as a scientist, Quantum Neurology looks like New Age psychobabble/pseudoscience to me.

    Some quotes, in which Dr Gonzalez describes his book (source:

    "I am proposing that the emission of light from each individual cell when considered in its totality… trillions and trillions of cells generate a light force that is responsible for our bodies integration and communication within our physical frame, with the external environment and our non-physical experience.“

    No cell biologist has ever observed this alleged ”light force“. This is typical pseudoscience - lots of impressive-sounding words, used in a meaningless way.

    The Big Idea Is: that the LightBody is the non-physical projected holograph of our self. Our LightBody is responsible for the connection and communication between ourselves and everything in our universe.“


    We have found that the use of light therapy and Zero Point Energy Resonance bridges the communication within the Nervous System."

    A mixture of pseudoscience and psychobabble. The terms “zero point energy” and “resonance” have well-understood meanings in chemistry and physics but they are used here in a nonsensical way.

    Please stick with evidence-based professionals for help with your health issues.

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