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    What is the rash on my sons face?

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    My son has a rash that appears on his face around his chin. It is red and spread all over his chin . He complains it's itchy which he licks and wipes it on his shirt. He complains it get tight which he lick it again. I try everything it heal up for two week and bang it come back worst than before.
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    Lucinda Curran


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    A rash like this can be quite concerning - and confounding!

    I would suggest firstly seeking professional advice via a consultation.

    Also, consider if there have been any changes to laundry and personal care products in your home since he has had the rash.

    Other ideas would be to:

    • eliminate scented products - bath products (bubble bath, soaps, etc) and substitute them with unscented and natural ones
    • swap your laundry products for unscented ones - ideally natural ones
    • get rid of any plug-in air fresheners or insecticides
    • replace his pillow if it is more than 3 years old
    • eliminate food colouring and preservatives from his diet
    If you need any help locating alternatives, let me know.

    Hope this helps - but, please DO see someone.


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    You do not say how old your son is - usually babies/toddlers get a rash like this on their face when they are teething because they are constantly drooling and the saliva can burn the skin.  For older children, a rash appears usually because they lick their lips constantly to relieve the “tight” feeling. To get the rash under control at first, a mild cortisone cream applied for a few days can help. Then use of a good barrier cream such as vaseline or paw paw ointment applied a few times a day can stop the saliva from burning the skin and causing the rash.

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