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    Can anything be done about severe sensitivity to fluorescent light?

    Hi, for the past 10 years I have experienced constant lights in front of my eyes (like thousands of tiny pin pricks of light), as well as discomfort working under fluorescent lighting, which leads to headaches after a full day of this.

    Computer and TV screens can be uncomfortable too. I have been to an optometrist, opthamologist, neurologist who say they can't find anything. Last year a learning difficulties specialist diagnosed me with Irlen syndrome. Wearing Irlen glasses, or migraine prevention glasses (F1-41 tint) both help a bit but the underlying cause remains unsolved.

    Does anyone have any ideas please? Could a chiropractor help maybe?

    Thank you!
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    Dr Greg Sher


    I am the Clinic Director of the Sydney Spine and Sports Clinic.At our clinic, we see an equal mix of city office workers and elite … View Profile

    Hi there. 

    I am sorry to read about your symptoms, and your quest to find answers which have mostly evaded you. 

    I am not sure that Chiropractic can help the underlying cause, but saying that, you may find significant relief from the headaches and related symptoms if we work on improving your overall spinal posture and health. 

    We have a special interest at our clinic with posture, especially in front of a PC, and helping you with that, improving your workstation position, checking the lighting conditions and type of monitor you use etc, could also vastly improve your comfort levels. 

    Feel free to contact me, asnd let me know what area you live in, and I would happily point you in the direction of someone good in that region (if I can). 

    Best wishes. 

  • Dr Julie Day


    Safe, gentle, effective chiropractic care for happy, healthy families. View Profile

    Hi, yes, it's possible that chiropractic could help.

    Sensitivity to light can often be caused by imbalances within your nervous system, particularly the cerebellum (part of your brain). The adjustments, done by a chiropractor, stimulate movement within your spine and nervous system, providing stimulation to your brain, particularly the cerebellum. This may help to decrease the sensitivity that you are experiencing. 

    All the best.

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