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    Who should I see for a sore back?

    This is sean and I hurt my back. I want to know what should I do to make an appointment ?

    I have HBF insurance- does it cover this payment ?
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    Dr Adam Wild


    I studied at Macquarie University completing both Bachelor and Master degree's. While there I was the Vice President of MUCSA (Macquarie University Chiropractic Students Association) … View Profile

    Spinal manipulation has consistently been shown to be safe and effective treatment for low back pain. Chiropractors are famous for this skill. They may also use other techniques that other professionals use as well giving you a very rounded treatment experience. 
    It depends on your level of Insurence but atleast part of the cost should be covered. 
    I hope this helps

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    Dr. Sofie Kotsakidis has completed 5 years of full time study and has received her Master’s degree in Osteopathy. She has also completed a neuromuscular … View Profile

    There are many different therapies that treat “sore backs.” As an Osteopath I see many people with low back pain/ issues. The most common conditions presenting are: strains & sprains to the more severe disc problems and sciatic type of symptoms. Osteopaths use a wide variety of hands-on techniques including massage, stretching, muscle inhibition and manipulation of the spine, to name a few. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Sofie at her clinic Moreland Osteopathy on 9386 4780.

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    Antonia Radas


    I currently work at Penshurst Physiotherapy Centre and the University of Sydney. I am focused on developing a dual career path in both private practice … View Profile

    As previously mentioned above there are various different health professionals that can effectively treat back pain. Like osteopaths and chiropractors, physiotherapists commonly treat back pain. Manual therapy (such as mobilisations, release and postural advice), stretching and functional movement/specific exercises are some of the treatment techniques used by physiotherapists to treat back pain.

    There are various health cover insurance plans, so it depends on your level of cover with regards to how much the health insurance company will cover.

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    Sandra McFaul


    Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain or neck pain? Based in SYDNEY, Sandra is 1 of ONLY 15 Physiotherapists in Australia with ADVANCED … View Profile

    Did you know back pain is recurrent?  You need to learn how to self-manage it.  The chance of it coming back within one year is as high as 50-60%.

    You need to see a trained McKenzie Method Physiotherapist as their philophosy is to show you how to fix your back and teach you the skills to stop it from coming back.

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    Sunil Mulay

    Massage Therapist

    Sunil is a professional remedial massage therapist with a deep interest in the functioning of the human body’s structural systems, and the conditions that are … View Profile

    You should be able to get benefit from all of the other practitioners. It is important to ascertain what is causing your pain, and look at addressing these underlying causes.

    Back pain can sometimes be quickly resolved by a quick adjustment by a chiropractor or an osteopath, if your spine is out of alingment, for example. If you have recurring pain, you will most likely need to address the underlying issue, which is often a muscular imbalance.

    To this end, musclular/neurological rehabilitation is required in addition to a stretching regime to calm down overactive muscles. You would be best seeing someone who has the skills and experience to assess you properly, treat you and provide you with exercise rehabilitation for long term benefit.

    As a general rule of thumb, if you are only getting temporary relief from your practitioner, and the issue keeps coming back, then you need to consider finding someone else who can address all of the above, so that you are not dependent on your practitioner to be pain free long term!

    All the best.

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