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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What do you think about a weekday only diet?

    Weight loss
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  • Alysha Coleman

    Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor, Psychologist

    Alysha is the Primary Clinical Psychologist and Director of The Institute for Healthy Living, a clinical psychology practice in Bondi Junction. Alysha has worked with … View Profile

    A weekday only diet may help you keep on track with your dieting for longer.

    Provided you are not eating excessively unhealthy or larger amounts of food than your body requires over the weekend, this approach could minimise the sense of deprivation that leads us to give up on dieting; and thus feel like we have failed.

    It may be helpful to set yourself some basic, healthy guidelines for the weekends.


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    Lisa Cutforth


    She is qualified in Nutrition with studies in Psychology having completed her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Nutrition with Psychology.You can find out more … View Profile

    Great question! A weekday diet can in some ways represent the 80:20 philosophy, so from that point of view, eating well 5 days a week and then having a few treats or cheats on the weekend is fair enough and can be a successful approach for some.

    There is the risk though of “binging” or overdoing the treating on the weekend.  And sometimes this is even harder on the body (and the waist line) particularly if you understand how our physiology works. 

    Eating well and creating good nutrition habits is all about balance and awareness.  Eating mostly to NOURISH but also allowing some treats.  When you do indulge in treats be CLEAR, CONSCIOUS and AWARE of why and how much you are eating. The compound effect of a healthy relationship with food is well worth it.

    I love this quote: “The key to good weight loss and good health is keeping ones compensations just ahead of one's indulgences…” Guiliano

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