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    What is causing severe cramping in my toes, feet, ankles, calves, and inner thighs?

    I am suffering from very frequent, severe cramping in toes, feet, ankles, calves, and lately my inner thigh where it feels like something is tightening my muscles. I am also experiencing sharp pain in my outer feet when walking and I found it is hard to walk on them but eventually it calms down. Other symptoms are a tingling sort of feeing just below both my knee inner side. I have a constant ache in my legs, the cramping can happen any time I used to think it was from the cold. Sometimes just trying on a pair of shoes can trigger the cramps in my feet. Any ideas what they may be from and what I can do to help relieve this pain cramps and constant ache.
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    Caroline Cooper


    Role:Practice Principal/OwnerAbout:Studied in Sydney and Graduated with a Bachelor Applied Science in Physiotherapy, in 1988. I have since completed a Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy, gained … View Profile

    Cramping can be caused from a number of reasons. Tight muscles can be one of them, but there can be a lot of medical causes as well. The first option is to go see a doctor about having such a large area of pain and broad range of cramping.

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    Hubert Huynh


    I am a Sydney based Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist with a strong focus on manual therapy and functional rehabilitation. I am trained in a number … View Profile

    Claudication is one thing that can cause severe cramping in the lower limbs. There are two types of claudication. Vascular claudication occurs usually after a period of walking for a certain distance because of lack of blood flow. The muscle requires more oxygen than what is being supplied to it. So the symptoms are usually severe cramping in the lower limbs.
    Symptoms can be relieved from vascular claudication from resting from activities. A standing position will also relieve the symptoms.
    To be sure that vascular claudication is the cause of the cramping, referral from a GP for a vascular specialist is a good starting point.
    Spinal or neurogenic claudication is not due to lack of blood supply, but is caused by nerve root compression or stenosis of the spinal canal, usually from a degenerative spine. This type does not cause cramping.

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    Anthony Short

    Podiatrist (General)

    Anthony Short BAppSc(Pod) MPod hold both Bachelor and Master level degrees in podiatry, and works in private practice, hospital and educational positions within Brisbane. His … View Profile

    There are many possible causes. These can range from dehydration, and low levels of calcium or magnesium, through to side effects from many common medications used to treat blood pressure and high cholesterol.
    Calf and foot cramping with walking and exercise may be suggestive of a blocked artery within the leg, which may require urgent assessment and care. Sometimes, the cause is unknown or just related to an unusually high level of physical activity the day before.
    Careful assessment can usually identify the cause.

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