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    Is numbness and tingling below my knee after an injury normal?

    Last year I hurt my back squatting and a piece of bone fractured. This caused severe pain in the Lower back and lower leg - numbness and pain. I had treatment with a physio and now I am just trying to learn to live with the pain. Although better I am still experiencing lower back pain but every now and again I notice the numbness and tingling still below my right knee. I was wondering if this is normal and if I should I be concerned about this.
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    Dr Greg Sher


    I am the Clinic Director of the Sydney Spine and Sports Clinic.At our clinic, we see an equal mix of city office workers and elite … View Profile

    Sorry to hear about your back problems.
    At the outset, I would like to say numbness in the lower limb is never normal, unless you have been very still and your limb “has gone to sleep”. That is a problem with circulation at the time, and moving about normally solves that.
    Pins and needles following a back injury is never normal. It may be common, but isn’t normal.
    I suppose the fact that it is such a traumatic injury could have harmed the nerves more than a lesser injury.
    This could mean the nerves are slightly more irritable, and it takes less stress to spark off the numbness, than someone with a healthy spine.
    The good news is that you are generally better, and that your symptoms are only intermittent. I would still recommend getting it checked out, as manual therapists (Chiropractors and Physiotherapists) specialise in picking up problems with the nerves and muscles, often before the patient is aware of any problems. 

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