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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    When can I get back to sport, my job, and my life, after my injury?

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    That depends on the severity of the injury. If you required surgical intervention for your condition it is best to stick to the guidelines that your surgeon or rehabilitation provider has suggested.

    For less serious conditions, the current consensus is that you should get back to your activities of daily living(ADL)  as soon as possible using a graded approach. This means starting slow and letting pain be your guide.

    Fox example; say you injure your back by lifting a heavy box at work. It would be advisable to return to work performing light duties (i.e. minimal lifting/half days/office work etc) as soon as possible, granted that you have been cleared of any serious injury.

    The aim of the graded approach is to ensure that muscular atrophy due to disuse does not set in, thus exacerbating or prolonging the original injury. It also psychologically benefits the patient, as they are less likely to experience feelings of uselessness or depression.

    For help on formulating a graded return to ADL plan consult with your local GP or Health professional (Chiro/Physio etc)

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    Dependant on the injury itself would determine when you can return to these. If you are pain-free, that's often a good sign that your injury is healing well.
    If you are going back to work you really need the clearance of your general practitioner or your specialist.
    In regards to returning back to sports, the person who is looking after you and yourself should be able to guide this. It really depends on the injury. If you have had a ligament strain you can be out for 12 weeks, but if you had a muscle tear you might be out for about eight weeks. If you have not rehabilitated well It could take even longer.

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