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    Chest pain daily, but x-ray normal, could something still be wrong?

    I get chest pain daily. It is not just confined to one area on the chest. Sometimes it is a sharp twinge, sometimes it is more of an ache-enough to be uncomfortable but not majorly painful. It happens randomly throughout the day and more often while exercising. I also get shortness of breathe.
    I saw my GP, who sent me for chest x-ray which did not show any cause for concern.
    I have had anxiety my whole life and Drs have said it could cause chest pain but this only started a few years ago.
    It also does not usually happen when I'm feeling particularly stressed.
    I'm only 26 yrs old but am a smoker and live a very sedentary life.
    I think I may have had a heart murmur as a child but it went away.
    I was also a premature baby (2 months) and I feel I have never really had a lot of lung power even when extremely fit.
    I used to get random butterfly feeling where my heart is but that has stopped happening.
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    Dr Amer Gilani

    GP (General Practitioner)

    I am working as a GP for more than 15 years. I have worked in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Australia. I can speak English, Urdu, … View Profile

    Hi! There is one more thing rather two. About chest pain with shortness of Breath after exercise can be due to Iron deficiency and Amaemia. A condition called costo condritis can alos cause it but without shortness of breath. In this there si inflamation of the cartilage that joins the ribs with the sternum

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    Hi, Thankyou for your input. I currently have low iron, although not anaemic & have been low for a long time. So it could be from this. Will still have other causes checked out though, to be sure.
    Thanks, much appreciated.

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