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    What are the ideal cholestrol levels for type 2 diabetics?

    I have type 2 but am not on diabetic medication at present and have been on anti-hypertensives for years. I am told my cholesterol needs to be low being a diabetic. Is this the case?
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  • Denise Burbidge

    Dietitian, Nutritionist

    Denise is an Accredited Practising Dietitian working in private practice in Melbourne, and consulting to aged care facilities throughout Victoria. Denise has a particular interest … View Profile


    Due to the link between diabetes and increased risk of heart disease, tighter control of cholesterol is recommended for people with type 2 diabetes. Recommendations based guidleines from National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance reported in the 2012/13 Diabetes Management in General Practice Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes are as follows:

    • Total cholesterol <4.0 mmol/L
    • HDL-C >1.0 mmol/L
    • LDL-C <2.0 mmol/L
    • Non-HDL-C <2.5 mmol/L
    • Triglycerides <2.0 mmol/L
    If your cholesterol is above the recommended levels see your doctor, then in addition to any medical management ask for a referral to a dietitian for dietary strategies to better manage cholesterol levels.

    Denise Burbidge

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