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    Would you classify this as Tourettes?

    I've had twitches and tics since i was 7 like neck twitches,blinking really hard, and leg spasms but now im 13 and its getting really bad,
    my twitches/tics are, blinking really hard,biting mouth and arms,i have to wash my hands 9 times before 6.30pm,mouth twitches,cracking fingers and cracking my jaw,clicking teeth,Grimacing,hair pulling,head jerking,head shaking, leg jerking,pouting mouth,squinting eyes,toe scrunching,i cant step on cracks in the tiles,clearing throat,squeaking,high pitch barks,ankle flexing,arm flexing and jerking,jaw cracking,neck jerking, body jerking,throat clearing,hiccuping noises, guttural sounds in back of my throat,nose scrunching,and shaking my hands and wrists.
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    I am sorry to hear that you have such upsetting symptoms. It is difficult to make a diagnosis via the internet. It would be best if you began trying to resolve these problems by consulting your GP. You need a complete physical investigation before you begin looking at psychological causes. Once the GP has done the blood tests etc, she/he can refer you to a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist for further assessment and treatment. I hope this answer is helpful to you.

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