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    What relief is there for burning mouth syndrome?

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    I have had this for nearly 7 years.
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  • This indeed is a difficult problem to solve with a dentist . There are many causes for this condition . 
     The internet is a good place to familiarise yourself with the condition . There are some methods on you tube that address and claim to treat the problem . Indeed ,there are many different symptoms that also affect the throat and lips . Unusual taste and odour sensations accompany this condition .
      When you see us , we can rule out any dental problems . I feel sure that one can explore the condition and come up with a treatment .Sometimes a referral to a good naturopath can help . We can do this  for you . I understand that different people that suffer require different treatment modes.

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    Speak to your Doctor about possible vitamin deficiency.

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    There are numerous causes for Burning Mouth Syndrome The Mayo Clinic has an excellent website on the different causes, diagnosis and treatment of Burning Mouth Syndrome

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