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    Is sleeping with or without pillows better for one’s neck?

    Some people told me its best to sleep without a pillow at all! Others say its better with a pillow as it provides support… thoughts?
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    Tim Shackleford


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    That depends on the position of your neck and your body’s natural posture. Also, whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach. Approximately 72% of people sleep on their side according to a recent study and for those people, a slightly higher pillow is more likely to be beneficial.

    The research says a memory foam pillow is likely to be the most comfortable and the shape of the pillow is less critical. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, you may need a lower pillow. If you are going to try different pillows, you need try it for five days in order to work out if it is comfortable for you.

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    In order to maintain the correct alignment of your spine and not put stress on the lower neck you need a pillow. If you think about it if you walked around for eight hours with your head on one shoulder you wouldnt be surprised if you woke up with a sore neck the next day. So using a pillow is a good idea.This pillow should be at the same height as the width of your shoulder and obviously thsi varies from person to person. As Tim said a memory pillow s best in terms of support we have also found chiroflow pillows very beneficial as you can fill the bladder within the pillow to the height that suits you best.
    All the best and I hope you get a good nights sleep.

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