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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Can a chiropractor help me find the source of my back pain?

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    Dr Peter Dun


    Rehab - Sports - X-Ray - Standing MRI - Second Opinions. We provide strategies for chronic and more complex function problems to help restore active … View Profile

    A key focus of chiropractors is the management of spine-related disorders. As university trained and registered professionals, they perform a thorough clinical assessment of each patient with the goal of identifying the underlying cause/mechanism of their particular symptoms, such as back pain. In addition to a detailed patient history, a combination of structure, function, physical and neurological tests are performed which may include the taking of a set of x-rays or other imaging/laboratory tests. It is also important that the chiropractor rules out any serious problems, before they can assist any further.

  • Special interest include; Wellnes,nutrition, physical exercise, headaches and sports injuries. My aim is to improve the wellness and health of all my clients. View Profile

    Just to add to what was mentioend above. Chiropractors asses the body in the attempt to highlight areas of biomehcanical strain or dysfunction. The muslces surroudning the spine are always the first to contract in all movement patterns and stability is required on a second by second basis.For this reason spinal dysfunction can often be contributing to spinal and peripheral (arms and legs) conditions. Finding and correcting the spine is important to finding the area of dysfunction causing your pain. 

  • Dr Andrew Lim


    Andrew has a Masters in Chiropractic and his interest in Sports Chiropractic has led him to treat many athletes from junior to elite levels in … View Profile

    Chiropractors are trained to deal with problems with the spine (but not exclusively). A detailed medical history and physical examination should be undertaken to diagnose the cause of the back pain. However, on occasions where it may not be possible to diagnose or pin point the cause of the pain, or even for precautionary reasons, further invetigation (X-ray, CT, MRI, bone scan) etc may be required.
    As you can imagine there are numerous factors to consider with back pain i.e. age, weight, previous accidents, occupation etc. All relevant factors should be considered when addressing one's back pain.

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