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    Are there any medical conditions that can cause childhood obesity?

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    Childhood obesity? Certain lifestyle-related chronic diseases like diabetes can trigger a decreased metabolic rate. Type 1 diabetes, which is common amongst children is the type of diabetes that results in people being very slim and slender. Type 2 diabetes is generally associated with lifestyle and dietary related issued. Type 1 is genetics, but Type 2 is generally, in children associated with lifestyle and dietary changes.

    Speaking from personal experience, all of my family both my mum’s and dad's sides are all very obese individuals, and yet, I am a very small, petite person. As a child I was extremely chubby, so chubby that I actually had flat feet because my arches could not develop that was entirely due to the amount of food I was actually eating. When I started eating correctly and my parents got me involved in active sports, the weight started to drop off and I started gaining confidence. Even though family-wise and genetic wise, you would definitely say that I have a predisposition for being a very obese individual, I am a very small individual. What it boils down to again dietary intake and physical activity. I know it sounds a bit cliché, but that is really the cost of the situation.

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    There are some genetic disorders, although they're quite rare. Really childhood obesity is a lifestyle disease. . In Australia if we look at the percentage of children that are overweight or obese, most of them are CAUSES ARE lifestyle BASED.

    The number of children that have obesity from metabolic disorders is really quite rare. Lifestyle, such as poor food choices, poor food habits, and lack of exercise contributes to most of the cause of our childhood obesity.

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