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    What could be causing longterm headaches in my 10 year old boy?

    My 10 year old boy is suffering from severe headaches for 12 days now. MRI scan & blood tests not showing any problems. Headaches 24 hours a day and vomiting 2 to 3 times a day. Pain on left front side of head. Also getting a numb feeling in his upper lip. Panadol & Neurofen not working at all. Visited hospital & Doctor 5 times in 12 days and no answers or pain relief offered.
    What else can we try?
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    Mr. Roger O'Toole


    Roger O'Toole is the Director and senior clinician of The Melbourne Headache Centre. Since opening the Melbourne Headache Centre in 2012 Roger has amassed over … View Profile

    I am presuming this is the first time he has had such an episode?
    It is good that you have sought a medical opinion, as with any new presentation of severe pain especially when accompanied by vomitting, it should be investigated to rule out serious pathology as the cause.

    If serious pathology has been ruled out and the doctors are not continuing to investigate I would seek a skilled assessment of the upper cervical spine.

    It is a possible source of the problem as the nerves from the top of the neck share space in the brainstem with one of the nerves (Trigeminal nerve) that relates to sensation in parts of the head and face.
    Overactivity in the neck can then cause referred pain in the head and face, and, again, if serious causes have been ruled out then it is a sensible next step for investigation.

    Good luck finding a solution and feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss the case further.

    Roger O'Toole
    Director - Melbourne Headache Centre

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