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    I'm not sure if I'm depressed. Can you tell me if I am?

    I'm generally happy with myself and confident, but my main concern is i feel a growing grey cloud, like my conciousness isnt really all there.
    It's hard to explain, but i am comparing to how my life was a few years ago when i enjoyed going out and being active, now i find what i did before boring and would rather sit at home and be inactive.
    I tend to avoid socialising as i don't find it fun either, not because of any anxieties, just everything seems grey and boring now? I don't like the idea of Anti depressants as i'm told they cause “numbness” which is sort of what im feeling now.
    Thank you for any assistance.
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  • Muriel Cooper


    I specialise in stress, anxiety and depression as well as general psychology. I have been a counsellor and psychologist for nearly 20 years and firmly … View Profile

    If you are generally happy with yourself and confident, but you are avoiding going out and you feel your ‘conciousness is not all there’ (which could be described as ‘spacing our’ or dissociating), it may be that you are experiencing more anxiety than depression.
    Depression can make you avoid things too, but you would be unlikely to be describing yourself as happy and confident.  Also anxiety and depression can co-exist.
    I would put my mind at ease by visiting a psychologist who specialises in anxiety and depression and have an assessment done and some strategies for coping.
    Anti-depressants are generally thought to be effective for major depression, but mild to moderate anxiety and depression have been found to respond just as well to skill building and talking therapy.
    Good luck! I hope you find the help you need.

  • Brigitte Safrana

    Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

    I created Surfing The Blues and Surfing The Baby Blues Counselling & Hypnotherapy services in order to help individuals and couples restore balance in their … View Profile

    i am sorry to hear that you are feeling so grey, however this is not enough to establish a diagnosis. have you experienced in the last few months a major transition such as a loss or a breakup? I would recommend to procede by elimination and have some blood tests done thatt would include hormones levels and thyrroid levels. An imbalance can alter mood and general weelbeing. Then if everything seems in order, I'd look for a good counsellor and explore what it is that makes life so grey for you.  Remember that there is a solution for you out there and most likely within too. Good luck.

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