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    Can anxiety make you sick?

    Over the last 10 years I have developed quiet a few health problems, they have come and gone and some I still have. these include:

    Rheaumatoid arthritis
    High blood pressure
    migraine associated vertigo
    low kidney function

    I also believe I am starting to suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. I have been to hospital twice with what feels like a a heart attack, but think it could be panic. I am only 32 with no real family history of any of these problems. I was wondering if stress can be a factor in creating these things or if it is these things that is making me anxious?? I did go through quiet a stressful period in the last 4 years.
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    Your question is an important one but the answer is complex. You are best to seek the advise of your doctor. Anxious people tend to worry about a great many things, often including their health. Worry can cause stress on the body and the mind. Stress is not good for your general health and it can cause a person to become ill, or it can cause an increase in sensitivity to the symptoms of  an existing illness.  Needless to say, if your anxiety symptoms are severe enough to cause you distress, you should see your doctor and get  his or her advise on what to do in terms of treatment. I think you would benefit from seeing a psychologist to help you manage your anxiety.

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