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    What does a glucose challenge test of 10.3 mm mean?

    I did the glucose challenge test and it was 10.3 mm. What does that mean?!
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    Inger Wang

    Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE), Diabetes Educator

    I'm a Credentialed diabetes educator I work together with 2 endocrinologists. I'm specialized in type 1 diabetes, insulin pump therapy and sport and diabetes. I … View Profile

    That means that you probably have pre-diabetes, an increased risk of developing diabetes.

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    Dung Pham


    Dung is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who currently works in Community Health and Private Practice as a HACC/CH dietitian and Health Coach. She has also … View Profile

    A glucose challenge test of 10.3 millimoles, means that you probably need to get an oral glucose tolerance test. An oral glucose challenge test is a screening tool for gestational diabetes between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. An oral glucose tolerance test is a more accurate method of determining gestational diabetes.

    If your oral glucose challenge test is greater than 7.8 millimoles, after consuming a 50g load, or if it's greater than 8 millimoles per liter, after consuming a 75g load, then you definitely need to get an oral glucose tolerance tet which is a fasting test.

    Once you've had the oral glucose tolerance test, if your blood sugar level, at fasting, was greater than 5.1 or one hour after the test is 10 millimoles per liter, or if two hours after the test they test your blood and it is greater than 8.5 millimoles per liter, then that is a diagnosis for gestational diabetes.

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    HealthShare Member

    Thanks so much for your replys, i did the OGTT and my readings were :

    Fasting: 5.3

    After 1 hour was 11.8

    After 2 hours was 8.2 

    I am now  32 week pregnant

    So what does my result mean?


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    Carolien Koreneff

    Counsellor, Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE), Diabetes Educator, Psychotherapist, Registered Nurse

    Carolien Koreneff is a Somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapist, Health Coach, Counsellor as well as a Credentialed Diabetes Educator with over 20 years experience. She currently sees … View Profile

    During pregnancy one would expect the fasting level to be < 5.5, the 1 hour result should be < 10.0 and the 2 hour result should be under 8.0 mmol/L.
    The results you report mean that you have gestational diabetes and should be referred to either your local diabetes centre or a private credentialed diabetes educator, dietitian and endocrinologist for education and support. It is important that you follow a diet which is lower in carbohydrate intake and that carbohydrates consumed are spread across the day.  Generally speaking it is advised in pregnancy to restrict carbohydrate intake to 2 portions (30g) at breakfast and morning tea, 3 portions (45g) at lunch and dinner and between 1 and 2 portions (15-30g) for afternoon tea and supper.
    It is also important for you to monitor your blood glucose levels to see if levels are in aceptable ranges. If blood glucose levels rise too much the baby could be at risk of complications and it could increase the risk of ceasarian section for you as the mother.
    The ranges for blood glucose monitoring are currently under review. Mostly one would like to aim for fasting levels < 5.2, 1 hour below 7.5 or 2 hours under 6.7 mmol/L. Please check with your health care provider what they recommend in your case.

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