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    What else could it be if it's not bursitis?

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    I am suffering a second bout of shoulder bursitis and have had a cortisone injection to no avail. This time around as well as the pain in the shoulder I also have severe pain in my shoulder blade and often get a pain down my arm to my little finger. The past few days if I movethe wrong way it I get awful pain in my neck and shoulder similar to pinched nerve pain. I am waiting for an appointment with a specialist but am very concerned as to what is wrong with me.

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    Mark Cassidy


    Hervey Bay's only Sports Physiotherapist. Over 25 years experience and a passion for all sport and keeping people fit and in the game.Has worked at … View Profile

    With pain going down your arm, I would get your neck checked out. Referred pain from your neck can go into the shoulder and down the arm. A shoulder bursitis on its own shouldn't give you pain into your fingers

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    Dr. Aaron Albrecht works at Body Wise Chiropractic in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. The clinic is located within a gym, and Dr. Albrecht is the … View Profile

    There are several conditions that could cause pain of this type. Bursitis may cause pain locally to the shoulder, but would also have to be affecting other structures (such as nerves passing through the region) in order to cause pain into the arm and hand. A condition called thoracic outlet syndrome causes tingling and pain alon the inside of the forearm and to the little finger, but this is only one possible diagnosis among many.

    A musculoskeletal specialist such as a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist will be able to perform the necessary testing (usually just involving some testing of movements) and provide you with further information depending on the results.

    I hope this helps.

  • Sunil Mulay

    Massage Therapist

    Sunil is a professional remedial massage therapist with a deep interest in the functioning of the human body’s structural systems, and the conditions that are … View Profile

    Once you see your specialist (or another musculoskeletal therapist prior), you should probably see someone who can assist you with preventing this problem recurring.

    There is quite possibly some muscle imbalance taking place if you are getting recurrences of this problem.

    You should get your shoulder mechanics checked out to see if there is a mechanical problem going on. It is very common for pairs of muscles to get overactive and for others to be switched off. This can result in poor scapula abduction, causing impingment in the shoulder area, which could be creating circumstances that flare up the bursae (causing bursitis).

    Longer term, you probably need some targetted soft tissue massage with a specific exercise regime to get you mechanics sorted (assuming your issue is related to this).

    All the best.

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    Dr Marcus Chia

    Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Dr Marcus Chia is an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Sydney, Australia. As a Fellowship trained Shoulder and Elbow surgeon, he employs the most current arthroscopic and … View Profile

    Shoulder pathology typically causes pain in the region from the bra strap to the short sleeve. Pain radiating down the arm is typically related to cervical spine (neck) pathology. This pain may also be associated with pins and needles and numbness. 

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