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    How safe is Methotrexate in the treatment of severe Crohns disease?

    I have severe Crohns disease that has resulted in the loss of my large bowel and most of my small bowel. Having tried all the other medications for Crohns disease as well as oral Methotrexate my Gastroenterologist wants to try me on injections of Methotrexate.

    Is there a difference between oral and subcutaneous Methotrexate and how safe is it as a drug? What are the main side effects to watch out for?
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    Given as tablets or by injection are both effective, but injections may be used if the tablets are not being well absorbed and if your Crohn’s isn’t improving.   Methotrexate is safe when used under close medical supervision and monitoring for any effects on the liver and blood cells.   The most common side-effect is nausea, which can be helped by taking it with food or if necessary by taking anti-nausea medication.  Vomiting, diarrhoea, headache and fatigue can also occur.  There are other side-effects; some are less common, others are rare and potentially serious.   However many of the serious side-effects tend to occur when high doses are used in the treatment of cancer.   It’s important that you talk to your gastroenterologist about any precautions and concerns, including possible long term side-effects.      

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