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    What should I do if my GI and surgeon have different diagnoses?

    I am confused… my gi tells me I have Severe Pan UC but my surgeon thinks I have Crohn's. When discussed what the procedure is to have my colon removed, my surgeon said the only way they can tell if I have UC or Crohns is when they remove my colon… so I may be stuck with an illostomy bag. Is this true? I am not ready to have this operation but would like to now if this is the case.
    Thank you
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    Hi there,

    It sounds like you need to go back to your Doctors for furthur clarification. The symptoms of Chron's disease and Ulcerative Colitis are quite similar so maybe that is why they will not be able to provide a definite answer untill they have looked at the bowel during surgerey.

    It is not common for people to have an Ileostomy these days, however if you should need one it may only be a temporary requirement. I suggest you make a time to speak to your surgeon so you fully understand what is going on. Maybe take a friend or relative with you as sometimes it can be quite a lot of information to take in. Write down any questions you might have before you talk to your Doctor.

    Kind regards


    Bowel Cancer Australia Nurse Adviser

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    It is sometimes difficult to 100% make a diagnosis of Crohn's vs UC.

    I suggest that you look up a detailed and comprehensive answer of a similar question from a colleague of mine, Dr Greg Moore, who specialises in Inflammtory Bowel Disease. 

    As mentioned in an earlier comment, I would also suggest asking further questions of both the gastroenterologist and surgeon. Keep in mind that it doesn't hurt ( and doesn't offend the specialists you are involved with already) to ask for another opinion from either another gastroenterologist or surgeon.  

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