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    How is Athletes Foot treated?

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    Jacqueline Kan

    Podiatrist (General)

    Cheltenham Podiatry offers excellence in all areas of footcare.From corns, callouses, fungal nails to sports injuries, Diabetic foot care, ingrown nails and orthotics. Full gait … View Profile

    Athletes foot is general term for tinea or fungal infections on the foot.Common in athletes due to their hot ,sweaty feet. TTreatment method depends on the region infected. Fungus between the toes is best treated with an antifungal in an alcohol base to reduce the moisture issue. Betadine solution is good option or antifungal sprays in alcohol base. If its on the skin, but not between the toes,eg top or sole of the foot antufungal creams are appropriate here. In both cases it requires twice daily application(unless the packaking advises other) until all signs have gone and then continue for 2 weeks. Fungus is also very common on toe nails,here the only sign is usually a discoloration of the nail(white or yellow patches ). Here its more difficult to treat due to the nature of the nail being hard to penetrate and its slow growth rate .Their are many specific liquids from the chemist for toe nail fungus, and home remedies(eg vicks?) ,in mild cases these can be successful but often require twice daily application consistantly until the nail looks normal,this can take 6-12 months.Success rate is poor. More effective  treatments include oral tablets , although rarely these can have nasty side effect to the liver, lasers are available but very expensive. Also there is a new photodynamic therapy,called Pact,which appears to also be highly successful,has no side effects, and is reasonably priced. In severe cases,where the nails are completely infected for many years, their can  high resistance to all these forms of treatment. With any of the above treatments for nail and/or skin fungus , the socks and shoes need to be treated with a tinea powder. Once cured, the biggest issue is to prevent reinfection.

  • Anonymous

    I've noticed that when I have persistent itching in certain spots where athletes foot often starts, what works for me within 30 seconds or less is a mild solution of bleach water to the affected area. I spray either my foot or a textured surface within my shower, then I rub the affected area in the bleach against the rough textured surface. Within seconds, the problem is gone. I only get this problem if I happen to walk barefoot and the floor happens to have something in the carpet that starts the itching. When you walk through the house even in your shoes after wearing the shoes outside, you never know what you'll track in through your house. I think something I tracked in on my shoes got in the carpet, causing the start of athletes feet. I usually notice the problem right after walking barefoot whether it be right away or within minutes or hours, which for me is the best time to do my little trick and get rid of it by nipping it in the bud before it progresses

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