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    Why do I hear a random ringing tone in my ears every now and then?

    About every month or so I randomly hear a high pitched ringing sound coming from one of my ears. I remember a long time ago someone told me this is actually normal. What is it? What causes it?
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    Better Hearing Australia (Vic) Inc is a not-for-profit charity providing independent, professional information, advice and services on all aspects of hearing loss management to the … View Profile

    The ringing in your ears is called Tinitus and is commonly associated to changes with our hearing or auditory process. Medical advice should be sought to ensure there is no medical cause or for referral to an ear nose and throat specialist for further assessment.

    There is no cure for Tinitus however most people learn to manage the symptoms very well. If support is needed we recommend the Tinitus Association of Victoria  or the British Tinitus association Both these sites have current and credible information about Tinitus management. Beware of other sites offering miracle cures.

  • Dr Wijey was born in Sydney, and then moved to the Gold Coast, Queensland, where he graduated from Griffith University in Dentistry in 2009. At … View Profile

    Tinitus is a classic symptom of TMJ (jaw joints) disorder.

    This is a disorder treated to varying degrees of efficacy by most dentists

    I run a collection myofunctional orthodontics/TMJ practices in Bondi Junction (NSW), Upper Coomera (QLD), Robina (QLD) and Brunswick Heads (NSW).

    Please visit for more info, and you can book in for a personal consultation with me at any of these locations.

  • Sophia John

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    =12pxThe buzzing or ringing sound can be persistent, intermittent, and prolonged  and this is a condition known as tinnitus. If hearing loss is present, hearing aids are likely to reduce the problem. Another option to help people manage is the use of a Therapeutic Noise Generator, a device which looks like a hearing aid and is recommended for people with no hearing loss. It produces a blend of external sounds which stimulate fibres of the hearing nerve, helping deviate attention away from the tinnitus.

  • Raji Parangad


    No referrals required. Cosmetic hearing aid specialist ( we have the latest, most discreet hearing aids in the market), Custom ear plugs, Assertive listening devices. … View Profile

    Also get an Audiogram done....

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