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    Could abnormal vaginal bleeding be a sign of cervical cancer?

    I usually have a regular menstrual cycle as I am taking oral conctraceptives. However, my latest/current cycle has lasted two weeks so far. Should I see a professional? Could this be a sign of cervical cancer?
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    Associate Professor Stephen WeinsteinDirector of Pathology, Gold Coast Hospital Campus View Profile

    Yes, it could. But it could also be a sign of many other conditions of the genital tract, the vulva, vagina, cervix, etc, such as infections, ulcers, and trauma.

    Conversely, cervical cancer could present with abnormal vaginal bleeding, but it could also present in a number of other ways. So it's a non-specific symptom. If anyone has vaginal bleeding, they should see their GP. The GP would most likely then either refer to a specialist, a gynaecologist, who would take a Pap smear, who would examine through a speculum or a colposcope with a specialised instrument, and then determine the cause of the vaginal bleeding. It could be cervical cancer, but these days, when cervical cancer is less common, vaginal bleeding is usually a sign of other things.

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