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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Is it better to exercise in the morning or evening?

    I am wondering if I should run before work in the mornings or wait until I get home. Does it make a difference what time I exercise?
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  • Gaby Wolf

    Exercise Physiologist

    As an Exercise Physiologist, I specialise in improving the balance, mobility and quality of life of older adults through specific falls prevention exercises. I am … View Profile

    In an ideal world it is better to exercise in the morning to kick-start your metabolism and give you a great start to the day, however if you prefer to exercise after work, then that's fine too. Our lives are so busy so make the most of any free time you have.

  • Kylie Royal

    Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer

    Director, Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer. Kylie’s determination and passion in striving for ultimate health & success is what has led her to a successful … View Profile

    There's definitely no hard and fast rule for this, and I agree with Gaby - life is busy!!
    Best case scenario if you could fit it in - a 20 min morning walk or 5 mins of skipping and stretching, then your full work out of an evening! Brilliant way to keep that metabolism firing and to have you feeling great for the day ahead!

  • Monte Elissa


    Committed for over 10 years to Fitness and Rehabilitation to the 50s plus population has been very rewarding. Based in the Mosman area we do … View Profile

    Great question! This question comes up alot. Depending on what your focus and goals are there may be very slight differences. In line with the two previous answers the research shows no great significant difference for physiological responses. So the best time of the day to exercise for general health and wellbeing is one that fits into your lifestyle. I hope that helps. Monte

  • Dr. Melinda Ricci has a passion for optimizing health and preventing injury. Success Chiropractic has a Pediatric treatment facility, remedial massage, yoga and pilates classes … View Profile

    Although there may not be a great deal of evidence in relation to physiological responses for the two options exercising first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day. If you are exercising as you know it is good for your health or for weight loss than getting up a bit earlier to carry out your exercise regime seems like the best option; you get it over and done with early and can spend the rest of the day pleased with yourself!  However if you are one of those people who exercise as they really enjoy doing, leaving it until later in the day can be a better option; this can then become a form of stress relief after a busy or hectic day. So as there is no scientific basis to support either, it is purely a time and preference decision.

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    I had a Triple By-pass operation last November,2011and recovered very quickly. I was a regular walker, 3klms, 5 times per week, for the last 10 years. Iam type 2 Diabetic for the last 20 years and have blood pressure controlled by medications.  I am 73kgs and was told I should to try and lose 4-6 kgs. What is the best option regards diet. Not keen on red meat.  Many thanks.

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