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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What types of medical conditions and injuries can cause back and neck pain?

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  • Joel Laing


    I am a McKenzie Method specialised physiotherapist, with a Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy. Using the McKenzie Method I predominantly treat low back and … View Profile

    There are lots!
    Easily the most common would be disc problems. These can be caused by cumulative and sustained poor posture, or more typically a heavy lift +/- twist with or without load.
    Typically the symptoms start more locally like the base of the neck or lower back, and if not addressed will start to refer pain.
    In the older population (over the age of 65) other conditions like canal stenosis frequently cause back and leg symptoms. 
    There are also a number of inflammatory disorders and other problems that can cause back and neck pain.
    The most important thing is to see your physiotherapist/GP/osteo and get advice for your specific condition.
    Generally GP's will rule out sinister causes (such as cancer), prescribe general advice and medication and order suitable scans depending on your situation.
    A physiotherapist or similar allied health professional with take a history and assess your condition, and can frequently diagnose the issue and teach you self management strategies.

  • Dr Don Williams


    Don WilIiams has worked and studied internationally in rehabilitation and sports injury management. His career started out in the late 80s with a move toward … View Profile

    Back and neck pain can be caused by simple strains, sprains and joint dysfunction. More serious injuries including disc bulges, prolapses and sequestrations, facet strains, fractures, cancer, MS< motor neuron disease and central sensitisation syndromes can also cause pain.
    Whiplash, overuse syndromes, poor posture, repetition injures from sport, car accidents and falls can all cause neck and back pain.

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