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    How do I talk to my tween son about puberty?

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    Let him know that as he approaches adolescence his body will start to change as he transitions from childhood into adulthood. Explain that his body will get bigger and hairier and more muscular, and that his voice will drop. Explain too that his body will change on the inside so that he is able to make babies. He'll start to make sperm in his testicles. When he's older he can use this sperm to make children with his wife/partner, but earlier sometimes this might come out while he's sleeping. This is very normal. Tell him that he might find he starts to get interested in girls and want to hold their hand or kiss them (if he screws his face up in disgust at this point, it's a bit early!)

    If you feel comfortable, you can also explain that touching his penis feels good, and that's ok if he keeps it private. Again, depending on your level of comfort and his level of interest, you could explain about orgasm.

    You can keep it simple and positive. Let his level of interest determine how much detail you give him.

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