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    Wanting help suffer from a touch of BPD & PTSD overweight change life

    I am wanting to change my lifestyle i am overweight, a mother a wife i am employed full-time and am on medication but need to change my whole lifestyle. I am a heavy smoker of cigarettes, an occasional alcohol drinker. Would love to go to forums or a chat group once a week or maybe more. I am on medication and am aware that a whole lifestyle change is needed before i am dead. If you know of anywhere that forums are held in the caboolture area on mental illness then i would appreciate this also a person who can work with me on a personal basis would really like this approach. Even if it is one on one chatting. Thankyou :)
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    • Damien Haines
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  • Damien Haines

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    Damien Haines is a registered Clinical Psychologist who brings a warm and empathetic approach to therapy. He emphasises engagement in the world and encourages clients … View Profile

    Hi, it seems that you have a lot on your plate and probably feel like no time to do it in as well. Wanting to lose weight, cease smoking (?) , simplifying/reducing your medication (?), dealing with BPD and PTSD, being a good mum, a good spouse, a good worker, sounds like no time for you at all.  I would suggest you might need to speak to someone about how you can best juggle all those things without becoming as burdened by them. A good place to start might be which is a community run organisation close to your home. (I have no affiliation with them I just googled them). They may be able to offer some peer support, ie from people who have similar concerns which can be helpful, and they also provide counselling which may help to manage the more day to day concerns you have. They are also probably a good place to gain access to local groups that can help with “change of lifestyle” CONCERNS.

    Additionally, I would also suggest psychological intervention. If you go to the APS and go through them to find a local psychologist. They should be able to help you to reduce your PTSD and to better manage your BPD. For one smoking has been shown to exacerbate both those diagnoses. I'm also guessing that you are on an antipsychotic which tends to lead to substantial weight gain, and it can be very difficult to reduce that without great support.

    I hope that this information is of some use

    I wish you well


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