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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What are complications associated with surgery for hernias?

    Are there any side effects? Will surgery ‘fix’ the pain?
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    It is important to define first the type of hernia you are talking about.

    Hiatus hernia, femoral hernia, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia...

    That would give us a better understanding...

    Suppossing you are referring to inguinal(groin) herniae, I would say that the answer to your questions is yes and no. The pelvis is a bone where a multiplicity of muscles and tendons take insertion. This means any tear or sport/physical activity related injury, can cause pain in the groin. The hip joint, often has pain referred pain to the groin. 

    Usually the first port of call is an Ultrasound. This tends to identify an inguinal hernia. If the hernia is present could definately be the cause of the pain, however it often happens that once the hernia is repaired, the pain could persist as it was not the hernia in the first place causing pain. Now, you would ask, "why repair it then", herniae need to be repaired regardless as the can cause complications and tend to grow with time. The larger the hernia, the higher the risk of recurrence(coming back) after repaired. I recommend all my patients to have their herniae repaired on diagnosis.

    With regards to surgery, inguinal herniae are repaired laparoscopically(key-hole) as a day case with minimal complications. 

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