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    How can a chiropractor help my back and neck pain?

    I have been experiencing chronic back/neck pain and have decided to seek professional help. What can I expect when I see a chiropractor? How can they help?
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    Dr Michael Cohen, Chiropractor is co-founder of the Chirosports Group one of Australia's leading groups of Chiropractors working together since 1994. Dr Michael Cohen Chiropractor … View Profile

    When you first visit a Chiropractor they will take a full health history.  They will perform a series of diagnositc tests including functional and neurological assessments.  In most cases a Chiropractor will XRay a new client.  Many Chiropractors have XRay equipment in their clinic and this helps us to assess you in a timely manner without the need for going to an external XRay Clinic.

    Chiropractic care looks at healthy nervous system function.  By improving the message flow from your brain through the nervous system, your body can function more optimally.  What Chiropractors do is look for interference in nerve flow and help to improve the flow so your body can function optimally.

    An appointment with a Chiropractor may involve a number of treatment techniques including soft tissue release, trigger point release, gentle adjustment of locked joints either manual adjustment, or using the drop piece function of our specialised treatment couches, a small trigger hand held device called an activator may be used and ultrasound to name a few.  It's common for a Chiropractor to make some lifestyle recommendations including stretches, gentle exercises and strategies for work environments whether you are at a desk, in a car or on your feet.  So expect just a little home work. Even simple things like how to carry and lift, the weight of your handbag, the height of your heels and taking the wallet out of your back pocket before sitting will become part of the lifestyle recommendations.

    Depending on the source and severity of back and neck pain, and taking into consideration the extent and stage of any degeneration in the joints that may be assessed, Chiropractic care is a treatment that will take time.  Just like going to the gym once does not train you into a buff human being (that would be great), the same applies to working with chronic back and neck pain.  It takes time and a commitment to care.  Chiropractic care may often help to increase mobility, function and reduce and eliminate pain.

    It's common for a Chiropractor to suggest a course of several appointments sometimes a few times a week in the early stages of care, leading to weekly, fortnightly and monthly care. 

  • Dr Firas Hasan


    Dr. Firas is a chiropractor based in Adelaide who is passionate about the spine. His clinic offers a same day appointment and treatment guarantee. Dr. … View Profile

    There are numerous ways in which a chiropractor can help. Firstly, the chiropractor can provide you with a reason as to why you are in pain after completing a very thorough examination of your spine. Secondly, the chiropractor can provide drug free and surgery free options to help manage or even eliminate your pain. Pain is a sign that something is not right and that something is worth investigating thoroughly.

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