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    What foods and drinks cause cavities?

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    My 12 year old daughter has already had quite a few cavities. I am beginning to wonder if it is partly due to her diet. Are there any foods and drinks she should avoid?
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  • The types of foods she needs to avoid is sticky sweet foods eg lollies, muesli bars. She also needs to avoid frequent consumption of soft drinks which are very high in sugar and are naturally acidic. Also avoid eating just before bedtime.

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    There are quite a few foods and drinks that cause cavities - mainly those that are high in sugar, but also those that are high in acid. Drinks that have both high acid and high sugar (soft drinks, energy drinks and other sports drinks) are the types of drinks you should avoid. Other than water and unflavored milk the rest of the drinks should be kept to a minimum of one to two servings a week.

    In terms of the food, the same rule applies. There are a lot of foods that are high in sugar such as cakes, sweets and lollies. The stickier a food is and the more sugar it has the more likely it will cause cavities. That's because sticky sugary foods get stuck between the teeth. Thus, they tend to be the worst kind of food to eat in terms of what causes cavities.

    There are some foods that are actually good and combat against cavities. This includes vegetables, cheese and other calcium food.

    However, some foods that are considered healthy, such as fruit and fruit juices, consumed in very large quantities are actually responsible for causing cavities because they have a natural sugar fructose within them. So, they should be kept to a minimum of one serving a day.

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    1/ Sugary food/ drinks
    2/ Acidic drinks
    3/ Sticky lollies that hold sugar against tooth for a long time.

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    What foods and drinks cause cavities?

    First of all we need to understand that all foods in moderation are fine, and that it is also important to have good oral hygiene practices to reduce the chances of getting decay. Frequent snacking of these foods will slow down the ability
    The main foods and drinks that cause decay especially in children are fizzy drinks, sports drinks, lollies and dry fruits. Foods that are high is sugars like iced biscuits can also cause decay. 
    Acidic fruits like oranges and lemons, although healthy for you, can contribute towards decay if eaten frequently.

    The best way to reduce decay is to drink water and standard milk, and  to eat cheese unless you are lactose intolerant..

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    Caries and malocclusion are both diseases of modern civilisation. Read Dr Weston Price's research in his book ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’. Also read the copious research in anthropolgy about how primitive skulls showed no caries or malocclusion.

    Since the agricultural revolution and subsequent consuption of grains (ie processed carbohydrates), the human species has been degenerating. Humans have been in existence in our current form for between 100-250 thousand yrs, but only been consuming grains and processed foods since 7000 yrs ago.

    Did the primitive man have a tooth brush, floss or braces? No, because there was no need.

    If you can't kill it or pluck it from a tree, you should not be eating it.

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