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    How long do dentures typically last for?

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    Dr Keith Baetz

    Dentist, Prosthodontist

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    The denture itself can last for a long time, but the Department of Veterans Affairs, for example, will allow a new denture to be made after eight years. Dentures are, basically, made out of pink acrylic and white acrylic and they wear; and the mouth wears, as well. So, things need to be checked regularly and altered from time to time.

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    How long do dentures last for?

    There are  2 things that we need to consider to answer this question. First we ned to consider the functional longevity of the dentures. The second is the aesthetic longevity of the dentures.

    Functionally, the material that dentures are made of  can last a long time. Dentures  can last a long time depending on how well you look after them. A full denture which is made from pink acrylic can last for 8-10 years. Department of Veteran Affairs allows for a new one to be made for free every 8 years.
    If however you lose teeth, or the supporting tissue for the denture shrinks, or there has been a  change in your biting vertical dimension, then the denture may not fit well, and therefore not last as long functionally.

    For plastic partial dentures and metal cobalt chrome framework partial dentures, we generally suggest that they may last between 5-8 years.

    Cosmetically, as long as full dentures and partial dentures are well cleaned and maintained, the denture acrylic should look as good as new for years. However it is in my experience that after 5 years of continual use, the acrylic on dentures tend to stain and capture plaque, which may be hard to remove. The metal wires and clasps in partial dentures can break, and teeth can chip and wear away.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 0738633604

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    7 - 10 years

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    The pink plastic parts of dentures and the teeth usually last from eight to twelve years, so full dentures and all plastic partial dentures need to be replaced with new dentures about every eight to twelve years. Often partial dentures will have a metal frame, usually silver coloured chrome cobalt, which if it fits well can be stripped of the plastic parts and this frame can be reused in what is a remodelled denture. This can be done in just one day, if the preparotory tooth selection and try in appointments have been sorted out beforehand; and this approach saves the patient from the cost of a new casting which if made new adds about $700 to the cost of a completely new Chrome Cobalt partial denture.

  • Chris Burgum

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    are cobalt dentures better for me than basic dentures

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