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    If I feel paranoid does that mean I have psychotic depression?

    I don't have delusions and I am definitely sane, but I do struggle with paranoia from time to time. Not with everybody, but I get it at times at work.
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  • Anthony Merritt

    Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychologist, Psychologist

    I have been a Clinical Psychologist for ten years. I initially specialised in health psychology with a focus on pain management. More recently my focus … View Profile

    The term paranoid is used in many different ways by people so it depends on what you are experiencing. It is natural and helpful to be cautious and suspicious at times. W-
    ithout these things you would most likely repeat a lot of mistakes and may come to harm. For example, it is useful to be suspicious of a group of people in a dark alley looking like they have weapons. It is also useful to be supicious of someone at work who you know may be untrustworthy, manipulative etc. 
    All these things are quite rational and paranoia becomes a problem when it becomes less rational. So I'd say talk things out with people you know and trust. If you cant do that talk to your GP or even make an appointment to see a Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Both have the training and skills to help you understand your problems better, and to help you develop ways of coping better, if that is needed.   

  • fibonnacci27

    HealthShare Member

    I have had instances where I believe that people around me are out to get me, which has happened when my depression has been more severe than usual. Looking back on those situations though, I know that my fears were completely irrational. I guess I should talk to a psychologist about it. Thanks for the response :)

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