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    Hi has anyone used luvox antidepressants..? I have just started on them today & need some reassurance.

    Hi everyone i have just started on Luvox today… yes i am now officially on the medi-go-round! I just hate this so much!  After Zoloft stopping working after a few years I came crashing down as metioned previously.  They then tried me on Mirtazapine but it made me too dizzy even after taking them at night… I was still too fuzzy during the day the next day…. I couldn't stand it!  (was on them for a week)  So i persisted a little bit with the zoloft on and off and then had a major melt down yesterday and frantically rang the doctor out of desperation.  I went in to see him and he has now put me on Luvox…. 50mg with diazapam (valium) he is going to monitor me to make sure i dont get addicted…. but i am such a mess atm with anxiety on top (which has become unbearable the last few days) that i need it till the medication kicks in.  this morning… being a worry wart… i took half a Luvox…. 25mg as you can break them in half…. just to make sure i don't have any bad reactions.

    I just really need some reassurance that I will be ok…. and want to know if people think they are any good?  I know everyone is different…. and i dont want to hear any scarey stories…. but apparently this is quite a popular one…. and i just feel so hopeless atm….. Just its hard having faith in the medications when you are so anxious and depressed. But that is all i have atm and i guess when you feel so bad you just have to try and trust they will work and help you.

    Your support would be so much appeciated everyone…. I have been ok today and i know they dont kick in for awhile…. praying so much they work…. I just find when antidepressants stop working after a few years you really come crashing down…. as in with the Zoloft and prior the Aropax….

    I am just pleased i can safely take some valium if i need to on these with the anxiety till they kick in… where as with the mirtazapine…. it was not reccommended….
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    Hi bw-67

    Welcome to the medi-go-round; been there, done that, got the postcard but not the T-shirt .

    Seriously, I have never been on Luvox so I can not say anything helpful about that.

    But, remember that ADs typically take weeks-months to kick in fully so (hard thing I know) give it a chance.

    Apart from that you might find this official (FDA) link about Luvox helpful; .

    All the best and I hope that it works for you.

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    There been some great advice to your posting Kiwi33.  Remember, the antidepressants around today are safe, effective and not addictive.  You can monitor your symptoms and how you are travelling and check in with your Doctor along the way.

    Kind regards,


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    HealthShare Member

    Hi luvox is a very mild AD, can cause anxiety more than other AD's especially in am. starting dose of luvox is 50 mg but only for one week after which the dosage needs to be increased 50 mg every 7 days. when i initially went to see my gp he said take 50 mg at do not up thedose but that is wrong besause when a person is depressed the initial phase needs to be treated very aggressively meaning increasing the dose by 50 mg every 7 days.maximum dose of luvox to be taken is 300 mg. during the first 2 wks side effects are what happens to everyone so just is also very common to start feelling worse meaning more depressed before feeling better.another advice is that gp's do not have enough knowledge to in terms of pharmacotherapy. psychiatrists are so confident in presc. the right meds for the right person. if you find them expensive go and tell them that youonly need right meds rather then being a long term counselling patient. I have just done it on 25/1/2012. after 10 yrs of going to gps and chasing my tail. if you live in melbourne i can tell you the details of the most confident and experienced psychiatrist. contact me on e mail

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    B Wallis

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Maza thankyou for your response… I have now been on them since this posting… so 2 weeks… first few days I was great and weaned up to 50mg gradually.  The last two days been on full 50mg and last night had a really bad night! It doesnt help that my defacto wants to leave after 15 years… but I was popping valium left right and center! I am just wondering y i am not feeling good last night but great all the other days and am wondering if it is going up on the dose?

    you mentioned that it is common to get worse before getting better.  Did this happen to you as well? And how long have you been on Luvox?  I feel  a little sick in the mornings and one of the side effects is nausea… but its not too bad and if i eat something it helps and have a ginger and lemon tea.  Also feel a bit tired during the day. 

    A friend was on them and she said to take in the morning as hers kept her awake at night…. so i have been doing this… but i might try the other way round and different things work for different people. So maybe i might not feel so tired during the day.

    So i am just frieking that they might stop working after last nights episode. 

    I am thinking about taking half this morn and half tonight… Just do not wanna have to go thru. what i went thru last night.

    BTW my doc wants to up my dose gradually and i am going back to see him Tuesday…. as seeing him weekly till we get this dose right… he has also organised a mental health nurse to help get me thru. this as well and is organising a mental health nurse as well…

    I really appreciate your advise…. Thanking you graciously …. bw-67  :)

  • B Wallis

    HealthShare Member

    sorry that last line should have read …organising a mental health *plan for me as well! LOL


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