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    How can you tell if a foot related sports injury is serious?

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  • Anonymous

    If its painful or you can't train or compete, then I would say its serious.

  • Dr Michael Cohen, Chiropractor is co-founder of the Chirosports Group one of Australia's leading groups of Chiropractors working together since 1994. Dr Michael Cohen Chiropractor … View Profile

    There are a number of ways to determine if a foot related sports injury is serious and the first is to listen to the message your body is sending as the first factor in determining if something is wrong.  Pain is the first indicator, followed by checking for swelling, bruising, clicking joints and issues with weight bearing. 

    The challenge with some injuries and regularly with a foot injury is a seemingly inconsequential circumstance that has led to the injury itself.  It's possible that when the injury happened you may not have realised it or felt it, and later the indications have become apparent.  This is common with ligament, muscle damage, nerve interference and strains.  It may also indicate that the injury has started somewhere else, say your hip or spine.

    My suggestions for sports people is to always treat a foot injury as serious because your feet, weight bearing and agility are essential to your performance.

    As a Chiropractor I would suggest seeking some investigation and treatment to ascertain whether it's the foot itself that is the main cause of the problem or nerve interference with messages being transmitted to the foot.  By this I am thinking you would benefit from checking your nerve function through a Chiropractic assessment.  I would look at a functional assessment to determine the cause of the problem. 

    Good luck with this.  You are welcome to email me or contact me to discuss this by phone if you would like some further guidance.

    Dr Michael Cohen, Chiropractor

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