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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What are the side effects of IVF

    My partner has fertility issues so we have decide to start IVF treatment, are there any side effects with this treatment? What is the success rates?
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    Dr Karin Hammarberg

    Registered Nurse

    Karin is a Research Fellow at the Jean Hailes Research Unit at Monash University and Senior Research Officer at the Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority.Karin … View Profile

    If you visit the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Technology (VARTA) website and go to ‘Brochures and paphlets’ you will find downloadable information on potential health effects and cost of ART treatment.

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    Louise Johnson

    Health Professional

    As Chief Executive Officer for the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority I am involved with administering aspects of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008. With … View Profile

    The Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) has information on:
    - The possible health effects of IVF;
    - Success rates;
    - Costs of IVF; and
    - Personal stories about using IVF.

    This information can be accessed at

    Other information about the impact of age and lifestyle on fertility see

    It is very common for  men to have fertility issues and the Andrology Australia website has plenty of information, see:

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    I am a registered psychologist with many years of counselling experience in the field of relationships and fertility issues. In particular my focus is on … View Profile

    The side effects of IVF are usually minimal in physical terms but everyones body has a different reaction to the hormones that are injected. There could be mood swings, bloatedness and after embryo transfer breast tenderness. Also after egg retrieval some women experience tenderness and bruising and exhaustion. The side effect that effects most women and couples is emotional. There is a lot of concern of getting it right and taking medication as specified a lot of guilt about drinking coffee or doing too much execise with the time period after embryo transfer being experienced as the most difficult as one has to wait and see if the cycle worked and this is pretty nerve wracking. Some women feel like there life is in limbo and thoughts are clouded. It is best to try and get absorbed in something other than IVF at this point.
    The sucess rate vary according to your age but if you are under 35 unless diagnosed with other complications like low ovarian reserve your sucess rate is about 35% per fully stimulated cycle.
    Surther information can be obtained at the VARTA and ACESS websites

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