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    When does depression start and who can notice, a child can't or dosent know how to deal with a serious problem?

    my story is long and old. far to dailed to allow you to comprehend in an instant.  i'm sure there are many topics that begin a depression in a child let alone any one.  my depression as a child i remember as though it were yesterday.  its an awful subject it simply is.  it started at age 6 with 2 dirty uncles who sat me in there lap.  they had there dirty go. i am a man today age 41. but when in one of my uncles lap he was saying things along the line of ohh yes yes  ohh you pretty little girl and so on. my responce to this and i do remember was to turn to him to say my mother calls me a boy, to which he snapped my face away from him. they finished there game and clothed me. i recieved a reward later. a ride on a tractor so as to take me away from my parents and to warn me never to tell any one abut what happened. never do this he said or you will have no friends people will hate you. you dont want that do you???  responce was no.. and so i told no one for many years.

    it so happend a few days later i found myself back in P.N.G. and a week or so later i started primary school.  now my sister is a year older than me and had been acclimatised to schooling i had not. and so in morning tea and lunch breakes i sought my sister out to hang out and about her she was my best mate. this must have gone on for a while i dont remember how long.  her friends didnot like me being there and i remember 1 of her friends saying to me get lost you big sissy we dont want you here get lost. this cut me to my core. here i was a week or two erlier being called a pritty little girl.  lunch ended.  everyone returned to class i was way over the end of the playing field alone desperately depressed in tears trying to work out how someone could see or suggest that i am a girl. of coures i never was and am hetero sexual. but as a child i had no idea as to what was going on.  there. before a teacher arived to see what my problem was i had formulated answers to my dilemma.  my answers were so imature, associate with no one isolate be alone avoid speaking avoid confrontation and many many other things both concious and subconcious these isolatory responces went on throughout my childhood teens twentys and thirties now im in my fourties. i am still not coping. through my teens so as not to socialise i found hobbies studdy not sport i suffered asthma. twenties was my career thirties was a f#*% up. when depressed i drink. marijuana is a great mind reliefe for me. all clouds just go.

    but i know this is called self medicating and does not last. this is my story it is true i have lived it i hate it. people understand understand i will say it again understand to the right person all you have to say to hurt someone who is sencitive is something like your nose is big your bottom is big your fat  your fat your small  your uggly your boobs are small etc etc etc….. that can starn off a depressive illness even in adults.  here i am single never had a girlfriend me personally assulting myself calling myself everything you could put on derogertory banner

    people know your childeren understand them my parents knew me but didnot see the trigger that shot me. what happened to me was a big shift disguised by me going back to papua new ginea and starting school. they blamed my shifting moods to my new environments.

    depression in childeren today wow what are the multitudes of triggers. is your child depressed please finf out  sooner rather than decades later.  i can assume there depressive state may be bought about by some simple missplaced criticisim of them him or her.  something that ought not to be done.  with me that teacher who eventualy came to my aid…  if only she insisted on pressing further.  depression is an illness the longer it goes on the harder it is to get to the bottom of it. cumulatively things add one on top of the other.
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