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    Panic Attacks sufferer

    I have suffered on and off with panic attacks ever since I was pregnant with my third child. I have tried various treatments such as prayer, counseling, exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation, a chiropractor, kinnesiology and of course medication. I still get the anxiety attacks and I am finding that even though the triggers used to have the same theme, now it can be anything and I am very concerned that this will not get better and that I will be on medication forever
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    • Dr Louise Shepherd
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  • Dr Louise Shepherd

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    Well done on taking so many steps to deal with the panic attacks. Panic attacks are really unpleasant and it must be super tough dealing with 3 kids on top of worrying about your health. 

    It can certainly be a good idea to get a second opinion as Grant says - without wanting to sound silly, pregnancy and  2-3 kids is enough to cause a great deal of stress and even panic - raising kids is bloody hard work and if you are not sleeping well our bodies tend to go a little haywire. 

    I believe a very helpful approach is learning to not be so scared of your panic. This may sound strange but you can learn skills to change the way you relate to symptoms of anxiety and not be bullied by them so much. This approach is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I'd encourage you to check it out here:


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