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    My daughter is 16 and has been treated for anxiety

    My daughter is 16 and has been treated for anxiety by psychologists for the last 2 years. She also developed panic attacks that are triggered by stress eg before exams. Is it time to start medication?
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    Dr Raiz Ismail


    Dr. Raiz ISMAIL is a psychiatrist and a fellow of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists . His areas of interest include: depression … View Profile

    Hi ,

    We have to ask few questions about your daughter's condition to have more understanding (every individual is unique as you know) .When did she start to develop panic attack , just recently? 

    How severe the panic attack is ? What is the frequency ?

    Is it associated with any avoidance (completely avoiding the situation which is triggering-exams in this case) , any anticipatory anxiety ? (anxious about getting another panic attack ).....

    How long it exists if it occurs? ......etc

    I think if the severity (and the frequency)  is less , she could continue seeing the psychologist and ask the psychologist to start specific therapy for panic attacks(CBT , breathing techniques etc) . If the psychologist thinks the severity is up to the extent she needs medications, I am pretty sure that the psychologist will recommend a psychiatrist's consultation. Hope the answer was helpful

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