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    I have a 13 week old baby with reflux. When she is awake she screams. Is this normal?

    I have a 13-week old baby girl who was diagnosed with reflux at 4 weeks. While on medication, she doesn't sleep more than an hour and when awake is mostly crying and screaming. She coughs and starts to choke - she has had a cold or something since her birth and sometimes hardly any voice. She is breastfeeding but is not putting on the weight her two siblings did, though she is still putting on some weight. When she is crying, the only way to try to settle her is to sit her up in front of you and rock her up and down. Our GP says it's just the reflux and has done no tests on her. I have heard there could be a valve associated with reflux that doesn't work properly. Thank you.
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    It does sound a little like reflux. If there isn't anything being brought back up, it may be silent reflux, which is why the baby is more settled when they are upright, as without gravity, irritants can back flow up into the osephagus and this acidic content hurts!

    There can be an issue with the sphincter muscle between stomach and the osephagus which may require further investigation however this can be invasive for the infant. 

    Things you can try is smaller feeds (if this doesn't irritate bub), avoid things in your diet like spicy foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes and other acidic food, fatty foods and caffeine which may increase likely hood of reflux.

    During the birthing process, particuarly if it has been a difficult birth, there can be compression of structures which supply through the stomach and diaphragm which may also effect function. Osteopathy can elevate this anduse gentle treatment to address these issues which may help with the childs symptoms.

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