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    Does a circumcision at age 8 require long and painful recovery?

    My son who will be 8 in August is getting a circumcision done and I am worried it is going to be a long and painful recovery because of his age. Can I have a honest answer of what should I expect?
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    Dr Bhavesh Patel

    Paediatric Surgeon

    Dr Bhavesh Patel is a Paediatric Surgeon with interests in minimally invasive surgery, general paediatric, neonatal, gastrointestinal surgery and urology including hypospadias. Dr Patel was … View Profile


    I perform circumcision under general anaesthesia, as well as using a local anaesthetic nerve block to make the area completely pain free. This is normally tolerated well. You can expect your boy to have a simple dressing and maybe some moisturising ointment such as liquid paraffin. The stitches I use are dissolvable and they fall away in 10-14 days. There will be some swelling and bruising for about a week. Your boy will pass urine differently and will get used to the new way in a day or so. The head normally gets dry and itchy so I usually advise using moisturising ointment for about a week to help. I usually advise a few days off school to recover. He will require simple pain relief like paracetomol for 1-2 days.

    After a week there are usually no further issues. I hope this has helped and best wishes for your boy!

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