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    Is penile implant surgery right for me and is it expensive?

    Good morning, I have diabetes and a heart condition. I also suffer from erectile dysfunction. I have been told recently by my GP not to take oral medication for my ED. I've read about penile implant surgery and I think it would be good for me. I have a very understanding partner but I feel that this affecting me mentally as well as being a confidence thing.
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    Many diabetic men, particularly if they also have other vascular disease, like coronary artery disease, will develop erectile dysfunction.

    Using Viagra is probably safe as long as you are not taking nitrate medication for  angina pain, but you should check with your GP.

    Unfortunately oral erection drugs often don't work in diabetics.

    Penile implant surgery will work for all men with erectile dysfunction, regardless of how severe, and for many diabetic men, it is the best answer

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