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    What's the best treatment for sacral ala fracture?

    Hi, I've been feeling the pain of my left leg for 3 weeks. The pain killers didn't work so my GB prescribed me to do the MRI scan. According to that report I have incomplete sacral ala fracture. So these days I'm going to a physiotherapist, however I feel it's not helping to recover. My newborn baby 3 months. My labour was terrible - 24 hours and normal birth. Can you please let me know if there is any treatment or consultants to meet for getting speedy recovery. What should I do for that? Bed rest or not lifting, bending? Is it ok to carry my baby and do my house work? Still I have big pain in my left leg, left side lower back. Sometimes I feel the numbness. It's coming and going, but I have sensation . How long it will take time to get complete recovery. Because there's no one to help me to take care of my baby. Thank you Mdu
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    Brian Lee


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    Healing time for incomplete sacral fracture on textbook version is around 8 weeks, but it varies also depending on one's general health and subject to activities, ie repetitive trauma to the site, that may hinder its healing. You can't speed up the healing time of a bone, the need for physio in your case is more about monitor your progress, advise on what to and not to do, and also treat those structures involved, ie muscles, ligament, or even up to the spine, down to the leg depending on each individual.

    In regards to your other questions:

    1. bed resting won't shorten healing time;

    2. if it's an incomplete stable fracture, although lifting and bending are likely to cause more pain, but I don't think it will affect the bone healing (not by much);

    3. again, carrying baby and housework should be fine, won't affect healing, but just pain during or even after you finish these activities;

    4. leg and back are likely a secondary issue to your fracture, ie your body is aware of the pain, hence can't coordinate muscles efficiently, therefore pain. but it could also develop gradually from pregnancy. Same with numbness, it can come with or without the drama you experienced during labour. Sometimes numbness gradually disappear 3 months after giving birth, sometimes it's a result of disc damage during pregnancy. A good physio should be able to give you the answer following his assessments. 

    Caring for your baby is unlikely going to hinder your (fracture) healing time, but complete recovery will depend on what other structures and to what extent that they are involved. Your treatment with physio should focus on those structures that are involved other than the actual fractured site (because no one can speed up bone healing).

    I hope this helps 

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